Mumbai – Goa

Mumbai is famously known as the ‘city of dreams’ and serves as the current capital of Maharashtra. It is counted among the world’s most developed cities. And then there is the state of beaches, Goa, sublime and serene with the ability to attract massive crowd from all around the world because of the magic of its beaches, culture, history and youthful vibe. Both these cities are some of the most loved tourist destination for national and international tourists alike. The tour package for Mumbai and Goa takes you through some of the best attractions of both these cities. It’s not about just shopping or sightseeing, even if you are an adventure lover, a lot of fun and water activities are awaiting to engage you in Goa.
Visit some of the most famous attractions of Mumbai like Marine Drive, Gateway of India and Hanging Garden. You can try various water sports activities on the beaches of Goa. Witness the breathtaking charm and the majestic architecture of some of Goa’s best monuments and churches like Basilica of Bom Jesus, church and Convent of Francis of Assisi among many others. Explore the historical Elephants Caves.

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